International Conference on Laser Ablation31 August - 4 September 2015 | Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Stephen Madden

Steve Madden

Steve Madden currently leads research on Chalcogenide, Tellurite, and polysiloxane integrated optical devices at the Laser Physics Centre, Australian National University. His research career in fibre & integrated optics spans the period from 1984 to the present in start-ups, Multi-nationals, and academia covering a diverse range of areas including Liquid Crystals, seven different materials systems for planar devices, all fibre devices, Hybrid integration, Bragg gratings and devices, planar tunable lasers, optical transmission systems and all optical networking, and non-linear effects in SOAs and planar waveguide devices. The spectrum of work has covered fundamental science through to putting new high technology products into volume production and out onto the market. Most recently a strong focus has been on Mid-infrared photonics and rare earth doped planar waveguides, where notable firsts have been achieved in lasing and gain in tellurite and chalcogenide hosts promising a range of new laser opportunities and applications.