International Conference on Laser Ablation31 August - 4 September 2015 | Cairns, Queensland, Australia


The Conference Organising Committee invite you to participate in this key knowledge exchange event and welcome abstract submissions for oral or poster presentations under the topics listed below:

Fundamentals of Laser-Material Interactions

  • Theory, models and simulations
  • Long, short and ultrashort pulse interaction with materials

Ultrafast Phenomena and Phase Transformations

  • Phenomena induced by ultra-short laser pulses; pump-probe studies
  • Laser-induced non-equilibrium states of matter, Warm Dense Matter (WDM); interaction in confined conditions

Emerging Trends in Photoexcitations and New Applications

  • Attosecond pulses, sub-cycle pulses, and related phenomena
  • Tunable laser sources (near- to mid-infrared, soft x-rays – high-harmonic generation)
  • Interaction of terahertz pulses with matter
  • X-ray laser pulses, Interaction of X-ray Free Electron Laser (X-FEL) pulses with matter
  • Hollow atoms – X-ray transparency and related phenomena

Laser-based Analytical methods

  • LIBS; Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICPMS)
  • Diagnostics; Laser spectroscopy; MALDI
  • Spectrally resolved femtosecond microscopy

Pulsed Laser Ablation and Deposition

  • Theory, models and simulations
  • Film production and combinatorial PLD
  • Direct synthesis of functional materials – graphene-based materials and other 2D materials
  • Laser ablation in liquids

Promising New Laser and Optical Technologies

  • Applications in industry; biotechnology; photonics and biophotonics; lithography and printing, surface patterning
  • Laser cleaning (including laser in heritage conservation), laser annealing, modification
  • 3D structuring and prototyping; 3D photonics; laser sintering in 3D printing
  • Laser processing with specially designed light beams (optical vortices, sculptured beams, and related phenomena)

Lasers in Nanoscience – Photonic Fabrication at Nanometer Scale

  • Clusters, nanoparticles, nanodots, nanowires and fomation
  • Nanoscale characterization – SNOM microscopy; near-field spectroscopy (NFS); Raman SNOM
  • Laser Interactions with Organic and Biological Materials
  • Laser processing of organic and bio-materials
  • Laser micro- and nano-surgery of cells and tissues, laser-based modification techniques (cross-linking, photo-polymerization)

Abstract template

All abstracts should be submitted as a Word document and must not exceed one page. Abstract submissions will close on 27 February 2015.

Download the abstract template (Word, 21KB)

Guidelines for the submission of abstracts

Post-deadline abstract submissions are now being accepted for

  • Poster presentation

Abstracts can only be submitted using the online process below. All abstracts must be uploaded and all changes finalised by 5.00pm EST Monday 15 June 2015. Please adhere to the following online submission guidelines:

  • Abstracts will be limited to a single page Word document, and the template is provided online.
  • Submitted abstracts must not exceed the maximum size limit of 1MB.
  • Authors are allowed to submit more than one abstract.

If you have multiple abstracts simply use your access key (this will be emailed to you after your first submission) to log into your Speaker Zone and submit additional abstracts using the online submission process.

All abstracts will be reviewed before acceptance. If accepted, authors will be notified via email.

Presentation details

15 minute oral (concurrent) presentation

12 minute presentation with 3 minutes question time

Poster presentation

Three two-hour poster sessions will be held in the evenings, and will comprise a core part of the Conference program. With light refreshments provided, this arrangement should maximise opportunities to discuss new results in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

Special Issue - Applied Physics A

The contributions submitted to COLA 2015 can be considered for publication as regular papers in a special issue of Applied Physics A.

All papers will be treated like regular submissions to Applied Physics A, i.e. with at least 2 reviewers for each paper. Please follow the instructions for authors of Applied Physics A when preparing the manuscript PDF.

Please submit your manuscript as a PDF file before October 4, 2015 (as later submissions might not be considered). Submissions will be online via the Conference website and the link will be made available closer to the date.